Vision and Mission

Sarah House will provide quality compassionate care to children, young adults, and their families who are living with life-limiting and terminal illnesses.  Using a holistic care model, Sarah House will offer pediatric respite care and end-of-life support in a home-like environment.

Our Mission

To provide a home that focuses on maintaining the quality of life for children with life-limiting illnesses and essential support for their families. It includes the management of distressing symptoms and the provision of respite care, comfort care and bereavement.

Our Vision

To build and operate a full-service children’s respite and hospice house in Ohio.

Respite Care

Improvements in medical care have fostered a large number of children with complex illnesses, who in prior decades would not have survived their illness. These children live at home and require extensive 24-hour support. Respite care is where the child or young adult may stay in the facility with or without their family to allow a break from the normal routine, which is often exhausting.  Sarah House is established to help families cope by providing occasional respite care modeled on the care which is provided in their family home - personalized and tailored to individual needs.

Palliative Care

Sarah House would also be structured to handle aspects of end-of-life care. Although local children’s hospice staff provides wonderful care for children and their families, when a child dies of a terminal illness not all families choose to have their child die at home. When given the choice, most children prefer not to die in the hospital. Sarah House would serve as a much needed alternative. When a child with a life-shortening illness is home and experiences symptoms which are difficult to control, this facility would serve as an alternative to returning to the hospital for control of those symptoms.