Tribute to Sarah Zepernick 1982-1998

Sarah was a vibrant young lady of 16 years when she died of childhood cancer. She was a sophomore and cheerleader at Colerain High School, a very energetic and animated girl with a love and zest for life! She made friends easily.

Sarah was well known for her constant singing and told her mom that "she always had a song in her head!" She sang her way through many tests and procedures throughout her 14 month battle with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma-Leukemia. She was upbeat and funny, and adored little children and animals.  She loved a wide range of music, including show tunes, but The Beatles were her favorite group! Sarah had dreams of singing and dancing on Broadway!

Although childhood cancer robbed her of those dreams, she had the privilege of seeing many Broadway shows during her wish trip to New York City before she died May 14, 1998.

The hospital is often a scary place for a child, and Sarah was no different. She always asked and pleaded with her doctors to let her go home. The child life specialist within the hospital put a sign on her hospital door which read, "There's no place like home." A saying so true for a secure child, if home is not an option, then a place like Sarah House would be the next best thing. I'm sure Sarah would be pleased.

Kim Marcum-Mercier, Sarah's Mother