Imagine the unthinkable…

Your child or a child you love is either medically fragile with a chronic condition, has a life-limiting illness or is facing end-of-life care. The child’s life is not like that of other kids. Days and nights are spent in the hospital or amidst intensive round-the-clock medical care at home. Rather than school and activities, sports and play, time is marked by doctors’ visits, clinical tests, treatments and procedures.

While a critically ill child wants nothing more than to be at home with his or her family, there is frequently no option but to be in the hospital for the needed care. For children whose condition allows them to be at home, there is no formal support for the family caregivers – no respite for parents who may be caring for other children and trying to hold their job in addition to providing constant care to their ill child.

For children dying of a progressive, life-limiting illness and who are relegated to either the hospital or home for end-of-life care, at some point either location may not be a desirable place for the dying child or his or her family during those final days and weeks.

As in adult care, there is a need in our region for a facility that incorporates a philosophy of care which focuses on enhancing the quality of life for children living with progressive, life-limiting illness. Additionally, there is a need for respite care (“rest care”) facilities, which would allow medically fragile children a weekend or week stay vacation, allowing them and their families the support and rest they need periodically.

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where seriously ill children can come for the care of professionals and the comforts of home.